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One of the unique selling points of Habaraduwa House is that it has an extremely wide beach frontage, providing you with a panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. In addition, at certain times of the year it is possible to swim in the ocean-unlike many places along the coastline, where it is too dangerous all year round.

The house has been designed as a series of stand alone buildings, so that you have the huge Living Room, flanked on each side by two bedrooms, a Dining Ambalama(pavilion) and a further bedroom, all of which face the ocean. They are linked by a full length terrace, with steps to the swimming pool and garden.

Behind these buildings runs a long wall, on the other side of which is the main entrance, Games Room, Bedroom 4 and Kitchen Building.

The villa comes fully staffed with a majordomo, cook, two housekeeping staff and a gardener/pool boy. They are there to look after your every need during your stay.

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